Fields of study of IPCC authors


Albert Einstein, Man, Physicist 

Curious about the people who were telling us to change our way of life because of a changing climate, I decided to research one qualification of the authors of one of the most recent IPCC reports. The qualification I chose was the fields in which they were educated.

It seemed odd that the most prevalent field of study among the group was economics.

A fair number included physics degrees in their biographies.

A few studied philosophy.

I did find one person who had been schooled as a meteorologist. and one with a PhD in climate science. The next most relative was PhD in atmospheric chemistry.  It seemed odd to me that these were all listed as draft contributing authors.

There were none that I could find other than that one who had the word climate any place in their education histories. There were no degrees in geology, climatology, paleoclimatology, atmospheric dynamics, solar physics, historical climatology  or geophysics.