Bomb Cyclones and Aussie Heat Waves


From weird logic to the totally ridiculous describes many of the quotes that I find throughout the web but some provide you with an instant flash of illumination. Here I have provided many of each, complete with my comments in red.

“Yeah, apparently we are now the fools, for not realizing that global warming causes, antarctic mass gain, record Antarctic sea ice extent, net gain of coastal land globally, a rate of sea level rise which is not discernibly different to that seen in the 1930’s, an increase in polar bear numbers, extreme cold winters in the US with extreme heavy snowfall etc. etc.

We should never have expected anything else because even though the opposite of all of these things was long predicted by climate scientists, the various novel post-hoc explanations have now all been revealed. And it is skeptics who can now be treated as fools for failing to adapt to the attempts to fit the data to the hypothesis. Silly us, really.” A comment on WUWT by indefatigablefrog.  

Actually, the idea that some aspects of a warming climate could have the impact of local cold extremes has some plausibility. The point is that it should then have been predicted by the climate scientists and their models. Instead, catastrophists predicted the end of winter and the end of snow.

“The actual damage from the flooding in Houston is more about flood insurance, mortgage regulations, and bank bailouts than it is about engineering or planning. Failure to grasp that only ensures that future disasters will be greater than those in the past.”     Charles Marohn at Strong Towns.

Charles Marohn at the website link above should be required reading for anyone involved in municipal government. About Charles  

“Yes, it is very rare for ice to be present on Earth at all, according to Wikipedia on the subject, during Earth's lifespan ice was present less than 20% of that time.” (link)

“A recent report by Strauss et al. (2012) estimates that urban areas and their communities are highly vulnerable to sea levels rising anywhere from 0 to 6 m above mean high tide.  They found important threat levels: 22.9 million Americans live on land within 6 m of the local mean high tide.” From (link)  and this, “Traditional approaches to planning and management typically rely on predictions of probable futures extrapolated from past trends.” “For systems to function in an uncertain environment, robustness rather than optimality is a more appropriate target for planning and decision-making.” Keep in mind that this sea level rise (6M) would take more than 3000 years at present rates of SLR (sea level rise.)

Then we have this obvious observation from Kip Hansen.

  1. SLR is a real imminent threat to coastal cities and low-lying coastal and near-coastal densely-populated areas.

  2. SLR is not a threat to anything else — not now, not in a hundred years — probably not in a thousand years — maybe, not ever

“There has been no dramatic and consistent sea-level rise in the past century, and projections show no dramatic rise is likely to occur in the coming century. “There is no correlation between CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and sea-level rise.” Dennis Hadke. From Powerline

“Sea level rise seems to me to be intrinsically connected to being in the Holocene interglacial and the only thing that seems likely to stop continuing sea level rise is a reversion to Ice Age conditions – a cure obviously worse than the disease.” Steve McIntyre

“In 2004, Dr. Ross McKitrick, an economist at the University of Guelph, tested the Illness Cost of Air Pollution (ICAP) and found that it predicted more people died of air pollution than died in total.                                                                                          

In 2011, coal-fired power plants emitted ~1,800 tonnes of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) while wildfires emitted 1,715,000 tonnes of PM2.5 – almost one thousand times that of coal-fired power plants” (link)

“Since the 1980s, the treatment of industrial pollution has however evolved. Today an electrical utility power generation plant that uses coal as a raw material now results in very little environmental pollution.”  István Markó

Okay, be honest, tell us the real reasons for shutting down coal-powered plants.

“electricity generators are for generating electricity, not for magical attempts to control the climate.”  Jo Nova 

“. . .campaigns looking to increase the number of citizens contacting elected officials to advocate climate policy action should focus on increasing the belief that global warming is real, human-caused, a serious risk, and solvable.”  IPCC (The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change)

They are right, it is only a belief, elevated to the status of a religion by some. None of their statements are proven, definitely not the last two. They are preaching.

“Thus, from the Vostok perspective, our present climate is about 2 ⁰C below the warmest of the last 420000 years, and about 6 ⁰C above the coldest.” "General CO2-lag in ice-core records and the lack of warming over the last 8000 years of extraordinary increase in CO2 show that the hypothesis of significant warming of the atmosphere by CO2 over the last century is absurd. Attribution of derivative effects (i.e. “climate change”) to CO2 is, therefore, ridiculous. These fictions, the dire prophecies that attend them and the disparagement of those that question them, however, are vigorously promoted and widely accepted. They seem to be as important socially as they are false scientifically.” (link)

Vostok is only one set of ice core proxy climate data obtained from Antarctica. There are several other examples, from around the planet, of ice core and sediment core data that indicate we are in a slightly warmer period of a 2000 year cooling trend, after several millennia of a warmer climate.

“The linear temperature trend of the global average lower tropospheric temperature anomalies from January 1979 through September 2017 remains at +0.13 C/decade. ” Roy Spencer

Real Sustainability involves thoughtful, caring, responsible, economical stewardship and conservation of land, water, energy, metallic, forest, wildlife and other natural resources. Responsible businesses, families, and communities practice this kind of sustainability every day: polluting less, recycling where it makes sense, and using less energy, water, and raw materials to manufacture the products we need. Public Relations Sustainability mostly involves meaningless, superficial, unverifiable, image-enhancing assertions that a company is devoted to renewable fuels, corporate responsibility, environmental justice, reducing its carbon footprint – or sustainability. Its primary goal is garnering favorable press or appeasing radical environmental groups. Politicized Sustainability is the untenable, even dangerous variety. It relies on ideological assertions and theoretical models as an alternative to actual outside-our-windows reality and evidence. Like “dangerous man-made climate change,” its real purpose is gaining greater agitator and government control over people’s energy use, lives, livelihoods, liberties and living standards. It reflects an abysmal understanding of basic energy, economic, resource extraction, manufacturing and human rights realities.”    Paul Driessen at (link)

“I am a firm believer in never attributing to conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity.”    “there are left-wing radicals who wrap hatred of actual people in a tattered mantle of love for mankind”  “Some, including Johnson, Trudeau Sr. and Robert Kennedy, were obnoxious in person. F.D.R. famously never forgot or forgave a perceived slight. And while others seem genuinely pleasant, including Obama, they are all dangerously arrogant. How could they not be, to believe themselves so wise and kind, so spectacularly and conspicuously above the general run of their fellows, that to bind them with procedural rules would be a disservice to mankind? (link)

How many more could you add to the list?

The oceans are warming. Over the period 1961 to 2003, global ocean temperature has risen by 0.10°C from the surface to a depth of 700 m. - from the IPCC fourth assessment report

I have a few questions. How were measurements obtained that were accurate enough to determine a temperature rise of 1/10 of a degree over a period of 43 years? How could 1/10 of a degree possibly matter? How many measuring points used exactly the same methods and were in exactly the same location at exactly the same time? It is statements like this that make me doubt any data originating with the IPCC.

Prof Humlum said: “There is little doubt that we are living in a warm period. However, there is also little doubt that current climate change is not abnormal and not outside the range of natural variations that might be expected.”

“We can cool or heat the planet at will, add salt or ice or rain or dust in any proportion we want. We can watch to see what happens, and then run the model again to evaluate a completely new scenario.” A quote from M. Rubenstein of Columbia University in ‘a beginner’s guide to climate models’ 

Of course, you can. That is why models predict what you want them to predict.

“According to a recent study conducted by scientists, the world could be plunged into a ‘mini ice age’ in little over a decade.” “However, Zharkova has warned that her model could not be used as proof of a mini ice age - in part because of global warming.  Speaking to Sky News, she said, “I hope global warming will be overridden by this effect, giving humankind and the Earth 30 years to sort out our pollution.” From Deccan Chronicle 

I hope global warming will override any coming cooling. Cooling is much more detrimental to the human condition and the planet than warming. What pollution? Is this another nut-job trying to make CO2 into a pollutant or is she being forced to follow a party line?

A warmer world is bringing us a greater number of hurricanes and a greater risk of a hurricane becoming the most powerful category 5. But, as we have seen, there is no evidence at all that either statement is correct. (link)

The media are often either liars or ignorant. It seems there is more misleading or untrue reporting than trustworthy content. Even the once most respectable sources now need to be followed with skepticism.

“In recent decades, melting ice sheets and glaciers driven by climate change are swelling Earth's oceans. And along with all that water comes an unexpected consequence — the weight of the additional liquid is pressing down on the seafloor, causing it to sink.” From Live Science  

Now there is a zinger for you. How were the measurements done? Does that mean the continents are being pushed up? No danger from SLR then, the oceans will just get deeper while the land rises. Perhaps global warming really can be responsible for everything.

So I guess it could be possible that global warming has caused both the cold in North America and the heat in Australia. Then again it just might be midwinter in the North and midsummer in Australia.